The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 7

24 May


B127 : Bailey’s second pregnancy was pretty much uneventful – which was good. Her belly was expanding slowly, but no matter how many times she tried to explain the baby concept to Charlotte, the kid was too young to really understand. She just kept repeating “baby!” while pointing at anyone’s belly.


B128 : By the end of her pregnancy though, she felt tired all the time and spent a lot of time sleeping. Lucky for her, she had her parents to help her take care of Charlotte. Al spent the most time with her, while Alexandria cooked her all kinds of delicious treats.


B129 : Billy worked on his music every chance he got. His tour was coming to an end and, though he wouldn’t admit it, he was dreading it. He did want to be there for his family though, so he tried to enjoy his last tour as much as he could.


B130 : This meant he often came home in the first hours of the morning, slipping in bed with Bailey while being careful not to wake her.


B131 : Then one morning, he had just slid under the cover when Bailey suddenly got up, screaming in pain.


It was five thirty in the morning and Bill was still a little tipsy from his wild night.

“Bailey, what’s going on? Are you alright?”

“Yes…. owwwwww! It’s coming… the baby… hospital, quick!”


B132 : “Okay… but I can’t drive, I think… It was a wild night and… maybe we should just call a taxi?”

“Are you kidding me? You can’t drive?”

Bailey took a deep breath, trying to calm down. She knew RiverTaxi was on strike, and since the baby wasn’t due before another month, her parents and taken the weekend to go to the lake with Charlotte. As for Bogota, she still traveled everywhere on bike and had never gotten her driving permit.

“I’m not having this baby here, Billy. Get in the car!”




B133 : “I can’t believe I’m driving myself to the hospital” she said as she took place behind the wheel. “I’ll be lucky if I make it there alive!”

“I’m sorry” Billy said, looking down at his hands. Right this moment, he felt completely inadequate. “I really am.”


B134 : About 24 hours later, Bailey was taking home a beautiful baby boy by the name of Cairo. She was going home alone, but at least she knew her parents were coming back from the lake the same day. Billy had gone away for a show in Summerview and although he felt guilty to leave her behind just after she gave birth to their son, she was getting used to his absences. She wanted to believe he would be there for good by the end of the year, but she wouldn’t believe it until she really saw it.


B135 : “He looks just like you!” Billy said, taking a long look at his new son a few days later. “He’s beautiful.”

“He has your eyes” Bailey said, looking at their son with love. “Two beautiful green pools full of curiosity. And I think he’ll have your hair, too.”


B136 : “I’m just so happy to be back home with the loves of my life! I’m sorry I had to bail on you at the hospital; it was the most difficult thing I ever did!”

Bailey smiled at him. “It’s okay, things can’t always go perfectly, you know. I’m just looking forward for you to be home on a regular basis.”

“Me too, you have no idea!”


B137 : True enough, Cairo grew up looking like a perfect male replica of his older sister, mixed with their father’s green eyes and mix of black and brown hair.

His hair wasn’t something you would notice though : Cairo had developed a particular fondness for his new winter hat, and cried loudly if anyone tried to take it off his head. Bath time was atrocious for all parties involved!


B138 : He got on well with his older sister though. They enjoyed playing together, and Charlotte was great at teaching Cairo how the toys were meant to be used.


B139 : Al loved babysitting his grandkids, but it was requiring more and more energy, while he had less and less.


B140 : Charlotte grew up quietly. She didn’t want a party or cake, just to be with her family. Her grand-parents took her for an ice cream at the park, and her mom baked her favorite banana muffins. Her dad wasn’t there, but that was nothing new; Bill had been more absent than present in her life, but she knew one day it would change. Even though his “last year” on tour had come and gone without much change, she believed him every time he promised to change things.


B141 : Little did Charlotte know, her father wasn’t really as far from home as his family would have thought. But then, none of them really knew what was going on when Bill was away…


I’m back!

23 May

Hello hello!

I don’t suspect any of you are reading this. Until last week, it had been over a year since I last played The Sims 3 and two years since I had updated this legacy. And I missed it, terribly.

Two years ago I had a few health hiccups – nothing major as it turned out, but before I found out what was going on I was feeling really sick. So I had to pick priorities and take care of myself. Then we had to move, and move again. On top of real life stuff, I had little time left to update this and play.

I never deleted the game from my computer, or anything related to the Siti legacy.

I started playing again last week, and intend on updating more regularly now. It might not be the best updates ever at first, but in time I hope to be back on track. I might also make a few changes to how I run my legacy to make it more manageable. I have too many sims, and I’ll never get to Z if I don’t find a way to restrict their numbers! Haha!


The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 6

7 Aug

B96.jpg picture by ZvaellaB96 : Not too long after Charlotte’s birth, Alexandria and Al decided to realise one of their biggest dreams : going to Egypt. Now that they were close to retirement, it felt appropriate for them to take some time for themselves. They could hardly contain their excitement as they stood on Egyptian ground together!


B98.jpgB97 – B98 : They had the chance to see the great pyramids and to walk along the Egyptian sea. It was a dream come true!

B99.jpgB99 : While they were absent, Bailey decided it was time to change the house a bit. The house clearly was getting to small for all of them, and so she decided to expand the first floor.

B100.jpgB100 : The room she had once shared with her twin sister became her parents’ room.

B101.jpgB101 : The dining room became the sports room…

B102.jpgB102 : … and the new dining room was set in a larger room in the new part of the house.


B104.jpgB103 – B104 : The kitchen became its own room and was lightly re-decorated. As she changed the house to her convenience, Bailey felt she was at the same time taking a firm hand on her title. Berlin had once said she wouldn’t be a great heir, but she now believed she could really well do it.

B105.jpgB105 : Charlotte was bringing joy to everyone in the family – although Bogota still thought she was mostly annoying. Alexandria just loved playing with her and couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful she was.

B106.jpgB106 : Al also felt protective of his first grand-daughter. He had been working a lot when his kids were growing up; now that Charlotte was there, he was making it his priority to spend time with her, teaching her to talk and reading her a story every night.

B107.jpgB107 : Al also felt it was his duty to remind Billy of what he was missing.

“Did you know that your daughter said her first words this month? She said “mommy” and “gran’pa” and “gran’ma” and “puddin”, but she can’t even say “daddy” because you’re never there.”

B108.jpgB108 : Billy looked at his former friend with irritation.

“Al, I know you place your family first and that’s amazing. You know I’ve always admired that! Remember how I said so when we were working together? I wasn’t lying. But I have a career to think about, too.”

B109.jpgB109 : “Your career, yes” Al, said, rolling his eyes. “Let’s talk about that career of yours! You’re way too old to be touring and getting home at four in the morning!”

“Too old? This is nonsense!”

“You’re a father now, Billy. You’ve got responsibilities. Charlotte is growing up and you’re missing it, and you’ll completely regret it, believe me.”

“Whatever, Al.”

B110.jpgB110 : But the following morning, before he left for his two-weeks tour, Billy took some time with his daughter. He fed her, chatted with her a little and listened to her play the xylophone.

Billy did love his daughter, and he felt caught between two chairs : music was his life, but he didn’t want to be an absent father, either.

With that in mind, he kissed his daughter on the forehead and left for the tour. He would have time, meanwhile, to think things through.

B111.jpgB111 : When he came back, his decision was taken.

“Bailey” he said, “I’ve thought about this seriously, and your dad is right : I’m too old to be running around like this. I’ve made plans with the band to travel less. I’ll complete this year’s tour, but next year, we’ll do mostly local shows. I want to be there for you and our daughter.”

B112.jpgB112 : Bailey took her fiancé’s hand in hers.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? I mean… I don’t want you to regret it and to hate us for it Music was your dream!”

“No, I’m sure. And I’ll still be playing and singing. Just closer to home. You and Charlotte are all that I want.”

B113.jpgB113 : They kissed tenderly and Billy smiled at his future wife :

“Oh, I’ll admit that I lied. There’s something else that I want : another kid. One that I’ll be present for.”

Bailey smiled at the thought.

B114.jpgB114 : “Are you sure that’s what you want?” she asked again, as they were getting to bed that night.


B115.jpgB115 : This time, when the morning sickness came, there was no surprise!

“Can you believe this, Charlotte?” Bailey said, hugging her daughter close to her heart. “You’re gonna have a little sister or brother!”

Charlotte was still a bit too young to comprehend the news, but she smiled anyway, like she always did!

B116.jpgB116 : Billy was still on tour for the rest of the year, as his contract obligated him, but she shared the news with him as soon as he came home.

He was positively happy, although a little less excited than she had expected him too. His lack of enthusiasm made her a bit insecure.

B117.jpgB117 : “Are you sure you’re happy?” she asked, as he felt her tiny belly.

“Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know” she said. “Because you’re the one who first wanted this, but now you act as if I just told you it’s going to be sunny tomorrow.”

Billy stepped back and raised his hands in the air, looking exasperated.

“I’m not 25, Bailey! I don’t jump around for every bit of good news. Grandsim!”

B118.jpgB118 : Bailey took a long look at Billy before she finally talked.

“What’s up with the bad mood? I just asked you a question!”

“I don’t have a bad mood, I’m just tired, that’s all. And now, I have to go practice a few songs, because we’re doing the first part for the Rolling Sims tomorrow and that’s huge. I have to be at my best.”

She let it go; he probably just had a bad day, and the last thing she wanted was to make it worse from him. She knew he wanted that kid and that, in time, he would be celebrating with her.

B119.jpgB119 : Bailey was in her eight month of pregnancy when her parents celebrated their anniversary, officially becoming elders. She was shocked that her parents were growing old already; life was definitely running too fast!

They had a big family celebration, their first all together since Berlin and Barcelona had moved out.

B120.jpgB120 : Al was definitely ecstatic to have all of his kids sitting at the same table again. There was no bickering or whining on that day; they shared only good memories and congratulated each other on their successes.

B121.jpgB121 : “I can’t believe my little sister is pregnant again!” Berlin said later that night. Susie had left a couple hours before him, but he had stayed behind to spend time with his family. “I can’t wait to meet my new nephew.”

“Or niece” Bailey corrected him with a laugh.

“Nah, it’s gonna be a boy. It has to; there’s already too many women in this family!” His tone sounded serious, but Bailey could see a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

B122.jpgB122 : “So”, Bailey said, “When are you and Susie going to get on it too? I love my kids but I want little nieces and nephews, too!”

Berlin turned his eyes away. “Well… I don’t know, really. Susie and I, it’s not going… great, right now.”

“Oh. Oh Berlin, I’m so sorry.”

B123.jpgB123 : He cut her off before she could say more.

“Don’t say that. It’s my fault, really! Mom was right, and I got into that relationship way too fast. I discovered things on her…”

As Berlin explained to his sister what he had found, Bailey realised that everything he had discovered confirmed what Barcelona had found years ago. She told him so, and his reaction was a mix of surprise, anger and sadness.

“But why has no one told me? I’ve been living with this guilt all this time! I’ve been avoiding you all because I couldn’t bear to bring her close to the family – and yet I still have feelings for her. I don’t know what to do!”

B124.jpgB124 : “Mom said she didn’t have enough proof, but really, I think she just didn’t want to force you to choose – again! I’m sorry, Berlin. There’s been too many secrets between us all about this; what do you say we promise each other to tell everything from now on?”

Berlin nodded, visibly fighting his emotions. “That’s a deal. I have to go home now, or Susie is going to get worried… take care, Bailey.”

They kissed each other on the cheeks and Berlin went back to his traitorous wife, feeling more confused than ever.


B126.jpgB125 – B126 : And here are Al and Alexandria as elders. Not looking bad, in my opinion, but I’m definitely starting to dread their coming death. 😦

Also, great news (for me lol) : I received Ambitions tonight and I’m about to install it. I can’t wait to follow the Sitis at work! 🙂

The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 5

3 Aug

B74.jpg picture by ZvaellaB74 : The first person Bailey announced her pregnancy to was her twin sister (not including Bogota, who had first guessed about her condition). Bailey thought how beautiful life was, that as her sister was leaving the house, Bailey would be bringing a new life home.

Barcelona had found her dream home, a little white house by the river, just across the street from her family. Her mom affectionately called it a “shack”, but Barcelona was glad she would be living in a really small place : she was kind of a slob, and a smaller place meant less cleaning.

(note : you can see Barcelona’s house by the window here!)

B75.jpgB75 : Next came her parents. Her mom was already suspecting that her wardrobe change was hiding something, and even though Al was kind of clueless about those things, he would soon notice that things were changing around.

“Mom, dad… I have something to tell you. I’m pregnant!”

B76.jpgB76 : “You’re… pregnant!” Alexandria repeated slowly, as if she wasn’t sure. She took a moment, considering her words carefully. “I… I didn’t know you were… seeing someone.”

Bailey bit her lip and fixed her eyes in front of her, willing herself not to cry. Not that she would; it was the pregnancy that made her emotional. Really.

“I was seeing someone in college, but… we went separate ways. I’m not sure what I’ll do about that yet. I guess I’ll write to him and see when he’s available.”

“You definitely should. He’s going to be a father, that’s a big deal! He would probably like to know.”

B77.jpgB77 : Al, who hadn’t said a word yet, suddenly gasped and did a little jump on his seat, as if someone has just shook him awake.

“Wait, wait a minute! If you’re pregnant… this means… I’m going to be a grand-father!?!?”

Alexandria laughed, remembering how Al had been amazed by the miracle of nature when she was pregnant with their kids.

“That’s usually how it works, dad!” Bailey said, giggling too.

“I just didn’t know I was that old already! This means we can retire soon! That’s fantastic. I’ll go get the baby books!”

B78.jpgB78 : Bailey wrote a email to Billy, asking him when he would visit, and he had replied he would stop by in a couple of months. Bailey had hesitated mentioning the pregnancy, but had then decided that was the type of news that was better announced face to face.

While she waited for her belly to grow, she transformed Berlin’s old room into a baby room, and since she had no idea whether it would be a boy or a girl, she chose a colourful theme that would fit either. And even though she wasn’t a fan of kids (or any noisy thing, for that matter), Bogota had generously painted a multi-coloured zebra to decorate the room!

B79.jpgB79 : Then she helped Barcelona settle in her new little house. Alexandria often joined the fun by preparing meals for her daughter, who was completely inapt in the kitchen.

Bailey and her sister loved to talk about the coming baby; they picked names, made travel plans for its future, dreamed about what the baby’s life would be. Barcelona’s excitement to become an aunt made Bailey a little les nervous about becoming a mother.

B80.jpgB80 : Then, Billy’s band stopped by Riverview and he immediately came to visit Bailey’s house. After awkward salutations, she couldn’t hold it longer, and she blurted out the news.

“I’m pregnant!” she said in one breath. “You’re going to be a father!”

Billy’s surprise was obvious on his face, but she couldn’t read his expression.

“What do you think?”

B81.jpgB81 : “What do I think? Bailey, I think that’s excellent news! A baby is always great news. I can’t believe it! I never thought I would be a father.”

B82.jpgB82 : Bailey was six months pregnant and her belly was already big. Billy touched it a bit shyly, as it was the first time they touched each other in many months now, but she started giggling at their awkwardness and it was like they were back six months before.

B83.jpgB83 : Hand in hand, they walked together to the little spot by the house where Bailey had devoured all of her romance novels when she was a teen.

“Billy, I’m so happy to see you again, and so glad that you want to be a father to our baby.”

B84.jpgB84 : “There is something I would like to talk to you about, if you would just give me a minute” she said.

She grabbed something in the huge pocket of her dress and slowly got on her knee.

B85.jpgB85 : “Billy Caspian, I would love for you to officially become a member of this family and to raise this child with me! You can continue on with your dream of being a musician, but you’ll always have a home to come back to. What do you say?”

B86.jpgB86 : Billy immediately slid the ring on his finger.

“Bailey, I could never say no to you. Of course I will marry you!”

B87.jpgB87 : She jumped into his arms and squeezed him against her.

“I love you, Billy!”

“I love you too, Bailey.”

B88.jpgB88 : In the last few months of her pregnancy, Bailey hired decorators for her bedroom, which had previously been her parents’ bedroom. She wasn’t into neutral colours as much as they were! Because of her love for traveling, she opted for a Chinese-inspired look.

B89.jpgB89 : Sadly for her, Bailey’s father didn’t share the excitement about her engagement to Billy, and he made sure that his daughter knew about his feelings.

“I can’t believe you, Bailey! Billy Caspian? He’s almost twice your age! He’s too old for you. What were you thinking?”

B90.jpgB90 : Bailey stared at her father like he was going crazy.

“But dad, I told you it was Billy many times!”

“I thought it was another Billy.”

“Well, it wasn’t! You’re gonna have to deal with this; he’s here to stay.”

Al snorted. “From what I can see, he’s not here now.”

“He’s on tour, you know that. He couldn’t cancel everything at the last minute. It’s okay.”

B91.jpgB91 : “I just don’t want to see you get hurt. I’m a father, that’s what I do; protect my kids, even when they’re old enough to make their own mistakes.”

Bailey smiled at her father, rubbing her belly lightly.

“Don’t worry, dad; I get it.”

B92.jpgB92 : Before long, it was time for the baby to come out. Bailey woke up in the middle of the night feeling the first painful contractions, and immediately woke her parents up. Billy would be coming back home only two days later, and she had hoped the baby wouldn’t come before, but of course she had no control over the situation!

B93.jpgB93 : By the end of the next day, Bailey was coming out of the hospital with her first baby, a healthy little girl named Charlotte.

B94.jpgB94 : Billy came home not too long after that to meet his new daughter.

“She’s beautiful!” he said with love as he fed her for the first time. “She has your eyes.”

“Do you think so?”

“Absolutely! She’ll grow up to be as beautiful as you, that’s for sure!”

B95.jpgB95 : Billy was right : as Charlotte grew up, it became obvious to everyone that she would look as beautiful as her mother and her grandmother!

Note : Charlotte really is an almost replica of her mother and grandmother. She has the same face as toddler Bailey, except with different coloring. I hadn’t realized that Alexandria’s genes would be this strong over the generations! 🙂

The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 4

31 Jul

B56.jpg picture by ZvaellaB56 : Bailey couldn’t believe Bashir was standing in front of her. He was even more beautiful now than in all of her dreamy memories.

“Bashir, I can’t believe it’s you. Here, in China! I never thought I would see you again!”

“Yes, it’s quite a surprise!” Bashir said, blushing. “I didn’t think I would see you again, either. It’s a pleasure, Bailey!”

B57.jpgB57 : They briefly exchanged news on their lives until Bashir announced that he was officially engaged.

“It happened so fast, but Sara and I have known each other since we were kids; it was meant to happen!”

Bailey congratulated him, even though she felt tears of regret tickling her eyes.

B58.jpgB58 : “You should have just told him you like him!” Barcelona said later that day, when Bailey confided in her. “He used to like you a lot; you never know what might happen.”

B59.jpgB59 : “I don’t know” Bailey said. “Isn’t it too late? He’s engaged, Barcelona! He’s getting married next week, as soon as he goes back to Egypt!”

“You won’t know until you tried. You two had crazy chemistry… even more than you and Billy, if I may say so.”

B60.jpgB60 : The mention of Billy’s name made Bailey even sadder.

“Think about this” Barcelona continued; “If he says no to you, he’ll go back to Egypt and you’ll probably never hear of him again. But if you don’t try, you’ll spend years wondering about what might have happened – you know you will!”

Bailey nodded. Her sister knew little about love and flirting, but her analytic mind looked at things with way more rationality than Bailey could.

“I just want to have what mom and dad have… they’ve been my example of a perfect romance forever! But you’re right. As soon as we get back to the hotel, I’ll have a serious discussion with him.”

B61.jpgB61 : But when she arrived to his room that night, it was empty. Bashir had already left, leaving no address or phone number.

B62.jpgB62 : Far away from there, in France, Bogota was having the time of her life! She couldn’t believe how good the food tasted, how beautiful the art was, how welcoming the locals were!

B63.jpgB63 : In her short time there, she had gone out of her shell and met with many sims she could now call friends.

B64.jpgB64 : Even more surprising than friends, was the fact that she had fallen for Justin, a beautiful French man who sang her beautiful, poetic songs. He called her “ma belle fleur” and complimented her beauty from sunrise to sunset.

B65.jpgB65 : When her two weeks of vacation came to an end, she pleaded him to come back home with her, which he politely declined.

B66.jpgB66 : “But you said you loved me!” Bogota exploded, furious to have been lied to. “I thought this was for real!”

B67.jpgB67 : Justin tried to calm her down : “Baby, I do love you, but my life is here” he said with his adorable accent. “I can’t just leave everything like this! Would you do it? Leave Riverview and stay here?”

B68.jpgB68 : Bogota had to admit she wouldn’t, not now, even if she dreamed of it. She fell into his arms, crying uncontrollably. Once she calmed down, they promised to write and phone each other as much as they could, and Justin promised he would come visit her. She didn’t really believe that last promise, but she appreciated that he at least said it.

B69.jpgB69 : Bogota came home the day after her sisters had come back from China. They had so much to share about their adventures that they couldn’t wait!

“And I didn’t tell you about the best part” Bogota said, knowing she was about to surprise her sisters. “I met a guy, a French guy!”

The twins gasped, but before Bogota could continue on, Bailey ran out of the kitchen.

“What’s going on?” Bogota asked, a bit insulted to be interrupted.

“I’m not sure. She’s been feeling sick for the last couple of days. I think she caught a bug or something, or maybe it was the Chinese food.”

B70.jpgB70 : Barcelona was right : Bailey was in the bathroom, throwing up the last of her breakfast. It was the third day her stomach was acting up like that, even though she had only eaten a slice or dry bread for breakfast.

B71.jpgB71 : That night, Bailey had supper alone with her older sister while Barcelona was out, looking for a new place to live. The idea of her twin moving out depressed Bailey; her sister already had been recruited by one of the most important government agency (she wasn’t allowed to say which) and was getting on with her adult life. Bailey felt left behind, and was beginning to think that her mother had done the wrong choice by making her heir.

“I think I know what’s up with you” Bogota said, interrupting their silent meal. “I think you’re pregnant. I’m just wondering who the father is. Is this a Chinese baby?”

B72.jpgB72 : Bailey swallowed her bite of food whole and coughed.

“Pregnant!?!” she said, somewhat surprised and terrified. She hadn’t considered the possibility.

“I… I have to go!” she said, dropping her fork on her plate and running out of the house. She had to go to the clinic and make sure, as quickly as possible!

B73.jpgB73 : She got the results the following morning, by phone.

“Congratulations, Bailey Siti” the doctor said in a cheery voice. “The tests are positive : you’re pregnant!”

The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 3

31 Jul

B35.jpg picture by ZvaellaB35 : The twins enjoyed their years of university, but they had the best time in Simmish Poetry 101, a required class for Bailey and an optional one for Barcelona. It was the only one they got to share while at university, and they made the most out of it.  The class was easy enough and the girls spent more time chatting about guys than actually studying.

B36.jpgB36 : Bailey’s favourite subject was Bashir Chatloum, an Egyptian student spending the semester with them. Bailey spent hours dreaming of his beautiful dark brown eyes, and every chance she got she talked a little with him. Sadly, she knew he was to leave once the semester was over and she wasn’t ready to get her heart broken again, so she ignored his flirtatious attempts.

B37.jpgB37 : Back in their dorm, Barcelona spent most of her time on her computer. Away from home, she had decided to ignore her mother’s orders and was still trying to find more information on Susie Broke. Someone must have detected her first passage into the organization’s files, because every word on Susie had been deleted since. Still she continued her investigation, sure she could find something on her.

B38.jpgB38 : Bailey spent most of her time reading and re-reading Sim and Prejudice, but she kept dreaming of meeting her future husband. Sure, she had had plenty of dates with other students, but none had given her butterflies like Bashir did – and by the time the Poetry class ended, he was gone without saying goodbye. She still dreamed about him, but she knew she would never see him again and that their love was impossible.

B39.jpgB39 : One night, she went to the university’s bar when she suddenly spotted someone she knew across the bar : Billy Caspian, a colleague and friend of her father.

B40.jpgB40 : She walked up behind him, smiling.

“Hi Billy! What are you doing here?”

B41.jpgB41 : “Bailey, hi! I didn’t know you were studying here!”

“I am, and Barcelona is too. We’re in our last year. Only one more semester and we can go back home! What about you?”

“Well, I left the police some time ago, and I came here to take special classes in music. It’s a one year program, nothing very serious, but I’ve always wanted to do music so…”

B42.jpgB42 : “I can’t believe you changed from policeman to musician.” Bailey said, secretly thinking how sexy that was. “You’re following your dreams, that’s amazing!”

“Well, I had to do it before it’s too late. You’ll understand when you get a little older, too. I couldn’t imagine getting to my forties and still being with the police, so I had to change things.”

B43.jpgB43 : They spent the rest of the evening together, and Bailey felt a strong connection to him. Their age difference didn’t seem to matter to him, and she felt closer to him than she had to anyone else in a long time. She was completely charmed!

B44.jpgB44 : By the end of the evening, they were kissing and gazing amorously into each other’s eyes. Although that night they kissed each other goodbye at the bar, it was only the beginning of their relationship.

B45.jpgB45 : Before long, Billy was spending a lot of time by the apartment, eating and sleeping there. Barcelona didn’t mind, invested that she was into her computer research, and Bailey appreciated Billy’s presence.

B46.jpgB46 : “What will happen to us once the semester ends?” Bailey asked Billy two weeks before the finals. “Are you going back to Riverview too?”

“You know I can’t promise that. My band was booked for some shows around the country, and if this goes well, I could be on tour for the year. But, yeah, I would love to go back to Riverview and see you.”

B47.jpgB47 : Thinking of their coming separation, the lovers exchanged long kisses, hanging to each other desperately. Bailey couldn’t imagine a life without Billy, but she didn’t want him to let go of his dreams for her.

She thought about Skip, Bashir, Billy and all those other dates that didn’t worked out and wondered, why must love always be this difficult?

B48.jpgB48 : Bailey was still mourning their relationship when she and Barcelona got back home after the semester, but fortunately, their parents had good news for them.

“Girls!” their father said “You mom and I have decided to celebrate your success by paying you both a trip to China!”

B49.jpgB49 : “Are you kidding me?” Barcelona exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. “Oh my Grandsim, I can’t believe we’re going to China!”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Bailey, said, jumping into her mother’s arms.

B50.jpgB50 : Bogota wasn’t forgotten : even though she hadn’t gone to university, she was working equally hard on her art and couldn’t believe it when her mom announced her she was going on a trip too – to France.

“To France? Me? That’s my biggest dream! Oh, all the museums I will visit! Thank you!”


B52.jpgB51 – B52: China was amazingly beautiful, and the sisters were enchanted by their trip. The stayed in a very cheap hotel they shared with countless other visitors, but they had so much fun visiting the country that they didn’t mind where they had to sleep.


B54.jpgB53 – B54 : They learned martial arts (Barcelona quickly gave up and went to play chess against an old Chinese master) and discovered that shopping was really difficult when you don’t know the language!

All in all, it was an enchanting trip until something unexpected happened in the hotel’s bathroom.

B55.jpgB55 : Bailey entered the room one morning, when she stumbled face to face with the last person she would have expected to see in China : Bashir Chatloum.

Obviously, he was quite surprised to see her there, too!

The Siti Legacy – Gen 2, Chapter 2

29 Jul

B17.jpg picture by ZvaellaB17 : Barcelona, unlike her sister, wasn’t much into social interactions. She much preferred spending time on the computer than flirting with boys. So far, she had hacked her way into the most important of Riverview ’s organizations, like the police force. Her father had been really mad about that, but he had never found out his own daughter was responsible for it!

Then one evening, she made her way into the Sim Control Organization, the opposite political movement to Alexandria’s Free World one.

B18.jpgB18 : As she scrolled through the lists of various members of the SCO, and specifically through the Riverview list, a name caught her attention. She clicked on it and couldn’t contain her surprise.

“Oh my Grandsim!” she exclaimed as she scrolled through the page.

There, green on black, Susie Broke’s name was identified as a “golden member” and chief of the South Riverview district. She was apparently doing some very secret work for the organization, one of her tasks being “gathering of information from opposition”. Barcelona didn’t know much about political lingo, but she knew enough to understand that this couldn’t mean anything good.

B19.jpgB19 : Meanwhile, Bailey was having her first date with Skip. He had answered her email, agreeing to meet her where they had crossed each other a few days before. Bailey was completely mesmerized by Skip’s blue eyes and could hardly say a complete sentence without stuttering.

B20.jpgB20 : Before long though, Skip had taken complete control of the conversation. He was on the basketball and the football teams and could talk about sports for hours.

“I look at you, and you know what I think? You’d make a great cheerleader!”

“Really?” Bailey said, stars in her eyes. It was the first thing Skip really said about her in half an hour, but she was too busy admiring him to notice.

“Yeah” he said, looking at her from head to toes and back. “You totally got the bod’ for that. You should totally join the squad. There are some hot girls there!”

B21.jpgB21 : Bailey giggled, still gazing into his eyes.

“Skip, you are so sweet! And funny! I’m really glad you agreed to come on a date with me!”

“Well, I’m always up for a good time” he said, looking briefly at his watch. This time, Bailey caught his look and thought how boring she must be for him. It was her first date ever, but he was a popular guy and he probably had dozen of dates before.

B22.jpgB22 : With all the courage she could get, she took a step forward and reach for his lips. She had been dreaming of this first kiss for so long! But Skip stepped back with an awkward chuckle.

“Bailey, please don’t do that.”

B23.jpgB23 : “What’s wrong? Did I… did I do something bad?” she asked, feeling like her heart had just broken into tiny little pieces of glass. “I thought… I thought you liked me.”

B24.jpgB24 : “Bailey, please! You’re a sweet girl and you look good for, you know, your age. But I’m turning 18 next week and then I’m off to college. With, you know, women. Not girls. But maybe in two, three years you and me could… be something, you know!”

B25.jpgB25 : Bailey didn’t wait to hear more. She ran away home, not even trying to hold back her tears.

B26.jpgB26 : “Mom, can I talk to you?”

“Sure. What’s going on?”

Barcelona felt nervous. Breaking the news of Susie’s betrayal wasn’t her idea of a good morning discussion – especially since Alexandria was just beginning to trust her daughter-in-law. Very carefully, she explained to her mom what she had found, leaving out no details of Susie’s implication over the years.

B27.jpgB27 : To Barcelona’s surprise, her mom didn’t get angry or sad. She just continued eating, not saying a word.

“Mom, don’t you have anything to say? Don’t you want to run across the street and yell at her or something?”

Alexandria shook her head.

“No” she said, “and I would like you to stay out of it from now on. If I ever suspect you’re playing in this kind of things again, I’ll take all the computers out of the house!”

“But mom… what about Susie?”

“I’ll deal with it. I will need to know more before I break the news to Berlin : he chose her over the possibility of being the heir, which used to mean a lot to him. I can’t just go there and tell him that without knowing more. Now finish your breakfast and go to school.”

B28.jpgB28 : Alexandria was more worried by the news of Susie’s betrayal than she could admit to her daughter. She had let that woman into her house, let her marry her only son; now Susie knew more about Alexandria than anyone else outside of her house.

She met with her former boss and best friend Angela, but as she quickly realized, it would be long before they could do anything about it : they first needed to know if this was true and if she was still part of the organization.

B29.jpgB29 : She had a private investigator following Susie around, and sure enough, she was still meeting with members of the SCO. Of course, this was nothing illegal, but it made it impossible to Alexandria to trust her daughter-in-law while she was a member of an opposing political party.

B30.jpgB30 : Some time later, it was time for the twins birthday. Al couldn’t believe his two youngest daughters were already turning into adults! He and Alexandria organized a huge celebration for the occasion.

B31.jpgB31 : Susie was invited of course, to Alexandria’s great displeasure. The two women exchange polite looks, but Alexandria carefully avoided her through the party.

B32.jpgB32 : As she grew older, Bailey looked more and more like her mother, except she had her father’s skin tone and hair. She was heading to university to study literature, mainly the works of Janie Austin, author of Sim and Prejudice, her favorite book.

B33.jpgB33 : Barcelona grew more confident, and while she looked more like her father, she had her mother’s milky complexion. She too was heading to university, to study computer science. She was quite good at figuring how the machines work, and she hoped she could create more secure systems for important government agencies.

B34.jpgB34 : As they were about to leave for their new college life, Bailey and Barcelona stopped in the study, contemplating their reflection as the new adults they were. “Growing up” Bailey said, “I always thought that as we’d age, we would look more the same, but we only look more and more different.”

“But not that different” Barcelona said. “We both have the same eyes, and without your highlights we have the same hair color! And we both have this really annoying, pitchy voice!”

Bailey giggled. “We really do!” she said, smiling at her sister. “Now we leave, and when we come back I’ll be in charge. Isn’t that weird?”

Barcelona shook her head. “It’s not weird, you’ll be perfect for it! And I’m sure that before long, you’ll have met a wonderful man.”

“Let’s hope so!”